Yesterday, a truck hit a Christmas Market place in Berlin. In the event 14 people died and 48 were injured. It has been declared by DPA that the driver is a refugee, probably came to Germany, in February, from Afghanistan or Pakistan. Police and security services treat the event as a terror attack.  It has been revealed that the real driver, who is Polish, had been killed and police found the body in the truck. It’s claimed that the real offender had runaway and he has gun.

After the event German Chancellor Angela Merkel said ‘’ It is a hard day for all of us. I have shocked after the attack in Berlin. Investigations have not been ended. If the offender is a refugee, it will be hard to struggle with the situation’’.

This event reminded the sadly event happened in France, in July 2015. Tunisian Muhammed Buhlel drive the truck to walk way, in Nice and killed 86 people.

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