İrem GÖL -TDO- In a prison riot in the Western Venezuela state of Portuguesa, at least 46 people were killed, and 60 were injured according to an opposition lawmaker. Head of the Venezuelan Observatory of Prison, Beatriz Giron said they were able to identify 46 bodies after the incident at the Los Llanos penitentiary. That includes a National Guard officer and the warden as well.

According to Maria Beatriz Martinez, the opposition lawmaker, the unrest at the penitentiary started with an inmate protest demanding that their relatives bet allowed to deliver them food. Then an armed confrontation broke out between the inmates and guards. However, the country’s prisons minister, Iris Varela, gave another explanation for the riot saying that the incident resulted from an escape attempt and that the prison director had been shot and wounded.

Venezuela has more than 30 prisons and 500 jails that can hold an estimated 100,000 inmates. Human rights officials say the detentions are violent and severely overcrowded, with gangs that traffic weapons and drugs in control.

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