Adel Tayari-DG-(TUNUSIA) The countries of the blockade reject the Qatari response to its demands and threaten new measures.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain expressed their regret over what they described as the negative response of the State of Qatar to the demands it made to Doha, stressing the continuation of the "boycott" and threatened to take action against Qatar in a timely manner. 

The four countries confirmed at a joint press conference of their foreign ministers after their meeting in Cairo on Wednesday, July 5 that Qatar will not be allowed to continue its destructive role, according to their point of view since the outbreak of the crisis against Doha a few weeks ago .. In a joint statement issued by the four countries, which was read by Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri the Qatari response was negative and reflects the lack of seriousness of Doha in finding a solution to end the crisis. The statement also said that the 13 demands of Qatar's blockade countries are aimed at protecting Arab national security and Gulf security.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubair said that Doha's political and economic boycott would continue until Qatar changed its policy.  He pointed out that "the State of Qatar cannot be an ally of us while it turns a blind eye to the financing of terrorism” ... "We will take additional measures against Qatar in a timely manner," he said, without giving any details about those measures. And commenting on the Turkish position on the crisis, al-Jubayr said that Ankara informed the countries of the blockade that its position is neutral, expressing the hope that Turkey will continue its position.

For reference, Qatar submitted to Kuwait on Monday, July 2, its response to the demands of the embargo countries. Qatar's Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani said the response was part of the general framework that preserves Qatar's sovereignty in accordance with international law. The Qatari minister also said that his country is open to dialogue and any serious efforts to resolve the Gulf crisis, with the need to preserve the sovereignty of the State of Qatar, stressing that the origin of the problem is an attempt to muzzle the mouths and to show the voices that violate the countries of the blockade as a terrorist, which is evident in the demands of the four countries.

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