News Center -TDO-“Asymmetric Battle of the Road to Emansipation” event, jointly organized by Turkish Bar Association, Embassy of Azerbaijan in Turkey,Turkey Azerbaijan Foundation for Friendship, Cooperation and Solidarity andDiaspora Presidency Of The Republic Of Azerbaijan was held at Turkish Bar Association Attorney Ozdemir Ozok Congress and Cultural Center.

The event is attended by the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey (TBB) President Metin Feyzioglu, Azerbaijan's Ambassador to Turkey Hazar Ibrahim, Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kıran, Turkey Azerbaijan friendship, Cooperation and Solidarity Foundation Chairman Prof. Aygun Attar, Presidential member of the Board of Health and food Policies Prof. Necdet Unuvar, Secretary General Assoc. Prof. Bilal Cakıcı and many other guests.

In January January 20, the event commemorated the victims of the "Bloody January", which became a symbol of the independence of Azerbaijan and became known as the "Bloody January".

Speaking at the program, which started with the reading of the national anthems of Turkey and Azerbaijan, TBB President Feyzioglu said that Azerbaijan Turks pay heavy prices for independence.

Feyzioglu stated that the Azerbaijani people resisted all pressures in the spirit of the long-established state tradition and never succumbed, and that the activities of the Soviet administration against Azerbaijan reached its peak when the calendar sheets showed the 1990s.

Friday, January 19, 1990 at 19.27 PM of the State Security Committee of the Soviet Union Azerbaijan state television building electrical unit bombardment reminded Feyzioglu, thus silenced the press in the country, he said.

Feyzioglu recalled that 134 people were killed, more than 600 were wounded and nearly 800 were arrested as a result of the Soviet army's operations, noting that January 20 was declared "martyrs ' day" in Azerbaijan in 1994.

January 20 January March 29, 1994 by the National Assembly of Azerbaijan during the period of power of the national leader Haydar Aliyev, explaining that the decision was taken to evaluate and investigate the events said Feyzioglu and added "of course, the January massacre is not enough to be recognized only in Azerbaijan. From the point of view of international law, the massacre should be included in the scope of crimes against humanity and those responsible should be monitored in this context."

"Let us never forget that the real reason for these slanders is the massacres committed by Armenians against Turks. The proverb 'cheeky thief subdues the landlord' probably explains the simple reason for the accusations against us. Let's never bend our necks inside and out. Let us put aside slogans such as 'we are all Armenians' and say we are all Turks against the massacres suffered by the Turkish nation."

Ambassador to Azerbaijan Hazar Ibrahim said: "We do not want anyone's blood to be shed. According to him, no matter how much asymmetric wars are opened against Azerbaijan, against our brother Turkey, against the Turkish States, our voice will always be strong and I am sure that we will always win.”

Prof. Dr. Aygun Attar, Metu Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Huseyin Bagcı and member of the Presidential Security and Foreign Policy Board Assoc. Dr. Ismail Safi joined as speaker.

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