Starting from year 2010, ASELSAN has developped new gun systems for the low altitude air defense requirements of Turkish Army. In the final stage of the development activities; systems are being tested in the field and they have scored the first hit to the target drone on 10th of September, 2015.FCS Controls Both Air Defense Guns and Missile LauncherThe firing trial was conducted with ASELSAN Air Defense Fire Control System (FCS) which is designed for effective air defense of military bases and critical assets. During the trial, FCS controlled the 35 mm towed air defense guns – which are also modernized by ASELSAN. Ammunition Designed by ASELSANGuns controlled by FCS are modernized for efficient use of 35 mm Airburst Ammunition which is also developed by ASELSAN. KORKUT-FCS and 35 mm Modernized Air Defense Guns provide effective air defense against modern air threats (cruise missiles, air to ground missiles, UAVs) with use of 35 mm Airburst Ammunition.KORKUT System Also Uses the Airburst AmmunitionAirburst Ammunition tested during the firing trials is also used by the KORKUT Self Propelled Air Defense Gun System which is also designed and developed by ASELSAN. KORKUT Air Defense Gun System is developed for the effective air defense of mechanized troops and mobile units. System has firing on the move capability with the stabilized and unmanned gun turret.

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