News Center -TDO- Thailand's Ambassador to Ankara and ASEAN Ankara Committee Chairman Apirat Sugondhabhirom and Southeast Asian Nations Association (ASEAN) member countries' embassies in Ankara jointly hosted an event at the Indonesian Embassy residence for ASEAN Day.

ASEAN Ankara Committee Ambassadors, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Re-Asian Coordinator Ambassador K. Nilvana Darama and many guests attended the event.

The event started with the hoisting ceremony of the ASEAN flag.

Thailand's Ambassador to Ankara and ASEAN Ankara Committee Chairman Apirat Sugondhabhirom, in his speech at the event, said that ASEAN Day is particularly important as this year marks the 55th anniversary of the establishment of ASEAN and celebrates the 5th anniversary of the sectoral dialogue partnership between ASEAN and Turkey.

Stating that ASEAN has come a long way since its establishment, Sugondhabhirom said that ASEAN has a political union of 5 founding nations, a regional community of 10 nations, a peaceful, stable and flexible environment with dynamic economies, embracing political-security, economic and social-cultural dimensions. He said it's turned into an area.

Ambassador Sugondhabhirom said, "ASEAN and its member countries have overcome many challenges guided by its core principles and values, and ASEAN has emerged as a key regional player in the global economy." said.

Ambassador Sugondhabhirom said, "We also note that the Turkish government's Asia Re-Initiative, which puts ASEAN at the center of its policy, will contribute to the development of closer ties between ASEAN and Turkey. Such ties will be mutually beneficial in responding to challenges and seizing new opportunities in today's world. " said.

Foreign Ministry Asia Coordinator Again Ambassador Darama pointed out that Turkey looks at its relations with ASEAN from a long-term strategic perspective and said that Turkey's interest in ASEAN dates back to the past.

Stating that Turkey became ASEAN's Sectoral Dialogue Partner in 2017, Ambassador Darama said, "Turkey and ASEAN are natural partners. We share the same goals for a more peaceful, stable and prosperous world. It embraces the idea of ​​unity-based peace and common prosperity." said.

The event ended with a souvenir photo taken after the speeches.

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