Ayberk Eryılmaz-TDO-08.07.2017-Kalashnikov, producer of the weapon of AK-47, lead a new way attributing importance with regards to the technology. Sofia İvanova, principal of communication department of Kalashnikov, the module done by the company contains the artificial neural network providing capabilities of learning target and resolving. With the aid of the artificial neural network, wide range of armament will be produced facilitating research&development related operation.

So as to elaborate the concept of artificial neural network, it both have capability to work with algorithm determined before and use the experience by itself. That means if the full automatic militant module can decide what to do towards any contingency. At the same time, the model can produce a new data, making generalization, act according to reconnoitering the all the information under a harsh condition. Optimistically, it will no longer determine which one is enemy or not and most probably the case of friendly firing diminish drastically.

Autonomous weapons will replace with the weapon using for a long time. Especially it will become colloquially the third generation of AK-47 in future. What the most important difference from the weapons use and existing today is this is not contain the mechanical instrument with in its scope technically. Hence, taking into consideration, it will be beyond and more than a weapon.

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