Mustafa AY – TDO – 23.04.2018 From 10 days of demonstrations on, Armenian constituents marched into the streets to exhibit their unwillingness to acquire the ex-President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan as the newly appointed PM of Armenian government. While the protesters showed themselves up in the streets of capital Yerevan, Armenian police forces have intensified the security crackdowns on the demonstrators across every residential parts of the city including in the Republic Square near the presidential site. Police forces increased their campaigns of apprehensions against hundreds of demonstrators. On Saturday, police forces detained 102 protesters on account of blocking the streets and most importantly undermining the country’s political stability. As for Sunday, over 100 protesters more were detained for the same reason.

The main opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan, who is considered as the mastermind of ongoing political unrest on the streets of Yerevan, met with ‘unwanted’ PM Serzh Sargsyan so that they could commence a political negotiation and remedy the ongoing political confrontation on the streets. In the very beginning of meeting, Sargsyan expressed undemocratic and that inconvenient words against Pashinyan like “we both are not conducting a political dialogue here. In effect, I’m giving you an ultimatum so that making you halt all these inconveniences on the streets.” In response to Sargsyan’s humiliating and discomforting words, Pashinyan challenged Sargsyan with the threatening remarks like “your authority and power is not as well-established as the power in 20 days ago. So, no one could dare to speak against Armenian people’ will with the language of threats anymore. Everything has been changed.”  After the reciprocal threats were witnessed on air, the main opposition leader Pashinyan were taken into custody forcibly, who actually tried to force Sargsyan out of Office.

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