A new armed assault took place in Assam where ongoing conflicts between tribes cause many casualties. Seperationist group Nationalist Democratic Front of Bodoland was pointed at for the responsibility of the attack that took place in a market in Kokrajhar, 220km west of the state capital Guwahati. According to the Reuters, 4-5 group members with military uniform assaulted to the market, killed 13 and wounded 15. Assam police chief Mukesh Sahay told, one of the attackers got killed while the pursue on other 3-4 that are hiding in a nearby forest continues. Sahay also reported, the identity of the dead attacker could not be found out yet; however he still claimed Nationalist Democratic Front of Bodoland is behind the attack.This attack that happened on August 5 is one of the most deadliest of the last few years, yet it is not the first atrocity committed by the separationist group. The attacks that took place in the last months of 2014 caused at least 70 casualties. State of Assam, which borders with China, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Bhutan and is in the northeastern part of India. The state hosts more than 200 tribes. The most violent conflicts take place between the Bodo tribe and the Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh, while both groups claim that they only defend themselves. Anjali Daimary, who works for Bodo Women' Justice Forum said: “It is for us to ask the question [of] how much we are safe in our own land. This is an example that the government of India, what we expect, what we deserve we are never given, we are never given the same status as other people.” in her interview with Al Jazeera. Even though the last attack that killed 13 people was triggered by the separatist group Bodo, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Local authorities are being held responsible for the ongoing violence in the region. Suhas Chakma, the director of the Asian Centre for Human Rights said: "The problem between the Bodos and other communities over land and natural resources is a continuing issue that has been going on for the last 100 years… Unless the government of India finds a political solution to this problem, this will continue". While the violence continues, laws cannot be implemented and the local authorities of Assam can be held responsible for the situation because of their reluctance to interfere. Altuğ ALSAN

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