Selin ATAY-TDO- Argentina's Health Minister Gines Gonzalez Garcia shared tender of resignation via Twitter following reports that people had been able to use connections to get access to Covid-19 vaccines to which they were not entitled.

“Mr. President of the Argentine nation, in response to your request, I submit my resignation as Minister of Health” Garcia said in his letter. Argentina's health minister Garcia said in a letter posted on Twitter that individuals were able to sidestep proper procedure for vaccinations due to "unintended confusion" in his office while he was away.

President Alberto Fernandez had asked for Gines' resignation after a veteran leftwing journalist and government ally Horacio Verbitsky let slip on local radio that his “old friend”, the health minister, had helped him to get a vaccine without following the proper procedure.

In Argentina, well-known local journalist Horacio Verbitsky said he had received a shot after approaching the minister. "I called my old friend Ginés González García and he told me to go to the Posadas Hospital," Verbitsky, who is in his seventies, told radio station. 

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