lknur Şebnem OZTEMEL –TDO – Aleading activist, Ahmed Maher, that supported uprising in 2011, was released after three years in prison. His lawyer, Tarek al-Awadi, said he will remain under surveillance for more . Also, it is prohibited for him to leave the country.

Maher, 36, was  co-founder of the April 6 movement which was the sparkle of  the fire that forced HosniMubarak, the president of Egypt, to resign in February 2011. 

After he was freed on bail, his wife, Reham İbrahim, wrote on his Facebook wall ; "We will make up for what we missed."  He is father to two boys and a girl. 

Arab Spring had started in Tunisia,  on 18 December 2010 following Mohamed Bouazizi's self-immolation regarding poverty, corruption and ill treatment.  It had spread to 16 Middle Eastern states, withdrawal of many leaders, collapse of governments,  military interventions, change of borders, creation of new terrorist groups, millions of refugees and dead so; state of anarchy  in the region. People of the region could not be able to change their  inverse destiny as, while they were struggling for better, they had more pain and witnessed worse, instead of more democratic, wealthy and secure lives.

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