Aslıhan DOĞRU -TDO- Researchers at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, announced that the parasite killer tablet Ivermectin killed coronavirus (Covid-19) within 48 hours in a laboratory setting.

Ivermectin, who has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is known to have previously been used to treat virus-induced diseases such as AIDS, dengue fever and flu.

According to laboratory tests by the researchers, a dose of Ivermectin prevents the coronavirus from growing in cells.

“We found that even a single dose could essentially remove all viral RNA by 48 hours and that even at 24 hours there was a really significant reduction in it,” Kylie Wagstaff, lead researcher and co-author of the study published today in Antiviral Research, said in a statement.

“Ivermectin is very widely used and seen as a safe drug,” Wagstaff said. “We need to figure out now whether the dosage you can use it at in humans will be effective — that’s the next step.”

“As the virologist who was part of the team who were first to isolate and share SARS-COV2 outside of China in January 2020, I am excited about the prospect of Ivermectin being used as a potential drug against COVID-19,” Leon Caly, senior medical scientist at the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL) at the Doherty Institute, said.

A vaccine for COVID-19 is likely still at least a year out, despite research teams across the world fast tracking work on potential vaccines. But that doesn’t mean we’re doomed.

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