Anis Amri, the man responsible for the death of twelve people after driving a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin, had 14 illegal identities in Germany which allowed him to escape and move freely

Mahin Siddiki – TDO – 24 year-old Tunisian, Anis Amri, came to Germany in 2015 and was put into a list of potentially violent Islamic extremist suspects. Authorities have said that they were aware of Amri’s use of 14 different identities.

Amri was therefore under surveillance for welfare fraud and for possession of drugs and fake documents. The police also investigated him in regards to trying to obtain explosives, however, couldn’t produce any substantial evidence.

Regardless of being under police surveillance, and authorities suspecting Amri’s potential to harm the public, they couldn’t provide any evidence against him that would stand in court, and prove him to be a public threat. As a result, though registered in Kleve, North Rhine-Westphalia, due to the lack of police evidence against him, and due to his different aliases, he was able to move to Berlin in February 2016. Furthermore, unable to gather evidence against him, the police stopped their surveillance of Amri around September.

Local authorities and interior minister of Western North Rhine-Westphalia are under pressure from opposition forces to take the blame of the Berlin attack upon themselves, due to their inability to stop the attack from happening.

However, at the hearing at Dusseldorf, it was clarified that neither the state nor the federal authorities were able to gather enough evidence against Amri, since his case was handed over to the Berlin police.

Due to his aliases, Amri was able to travel for four days after the attack occurred, and was able to move from Germany to Milan, where he was shot dead.

As a result of this attack, the interior minister of has announced plans to tighten security in regards to failed asylum seekers. It has also been promised that potential threats will be monitored more securely. One measure against future attacks is to detain potential suspects.

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