Mustafa AY – TDO – 28.11.2017 Amnesty International embarked on compelling Greeks not to sell arms like artillery projectiles to Saudis on the grounds that the arms which Greeks was going to sell to Saudi Arabia would be likely used against civilians in Yemen by Saudis. As known, Saudi Arabia conducts severe combat against Shia Houthis in Yemen and that affects many civilians with harsh and permanent harms. Therefore, Amnesty International’s committed decision for humanitarian purposes can be regarded as a way to deter war between two parties, but it would not be not affective to cease the bloody fight, to be honest, as long as the same decisions are not implemented against World’s biggest arm sellers like USA and Russia.

Amnesty International imposed this sanction-like action over Greek government. In the wake of this decision, main opposition parties in the parliament strongly criticized this given judgement for arms deal. However, it doesn’t change the fact that some MPs from leading party Syriza asked the arms deal to be cancelled. Following the progress pioneered by Amnesty International, the interesting, controversial non-sense and that odd part of the decision is to include in merely Greeks, but not incorporate USA and Russia into its decision. If Amnesty International has such concerns in the name of humanity and wants to get heard by other arm-seller countries, it has to enforce such sanction-like decisions on the others so that its agenda can be accomplished. In the middle of 2017, USA agreed to sell over 100 billion dollars worthy arms to Saudi Arabia. As for Russia, Russia negotiated with Saudis to sell 3 billion dollars worthy arms including in tanks, infantry rifle and missile systems. But, that Amnesty International should apply the same decisions which is made for Greeks on both countries too is expected, if this international organization is really impartial as it is deemed so .

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