Ayberk Eryılmaz-TDO-Amnesty İnternational indicated on Tuesday it had to identified the catastrophy experienced by the innocent people in Mosul operation and it is apparent that the international law has been violated by using excessive force. Amnesty expressed in report that previously they documented atrocities held by ISIL and castigated its actions such as persecution, not giving any food and water to people. The Islamic State militants ruined the law by deliberately putting civilians in harm situation so as to shield their belligerents.

Following that, Amnesty said Iranian army and coalition forces caused a series of unlawful events during the operation. Report mentioned that taking some precautions which are so necessary could not achieved and it resulted the loss of innocent civilians lives. At the same time, the existence of unsuitable weapons, in other saying explosive weapon, occasioned the breaking international humanitarian law.

Amnesty acknowledged the drawbacks of protecting civilians but blamed the coalition forces for unsuccessful precaution. That is to say, innocent people were exposed to the air strikes.

Amnesty indicates that a free commission need to be established and the investigation related to find the required evidences need to be conducted for in the name of being detected to the perpetrators. 

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