American swimmers Ryan Lochte, James Feigen, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger are facing judiciary in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during 2016 Rio Olympic Games. They were reported to pleading of being robbed at a gas station.
They Have Made A False Statement
Right after the event, Brazilian police department prosecuted the swimmers because of their false statements, having claimed that they were robbed by armed perpetuators.
Police, later on, realized that the American swimmers broke into the toilet that was inscribed as “not operative”. Police Chief Fernando Veloso asserted that the initial report claiming they were pointed guns at was right, however they were also reported to act disturbingly, also added: “It is true that there was a brawl, that was why guns were pulled out; yet no one got hurt or no one was usurped.
They Requested To Be Compensated
Video footage of the event showed that there was a dispute among the American swimmers and the security personnel. Afterwards, the security personnel did not allow them to leave the premises; hence wanted them to compensate the damage they have caused.
Brazilian judge of the case had wanted to seize the athletes’ passports.
While Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger are being kept in Brazil, Ryan Lochte who was claimed to be giving a false statement was sent back to US on Monday.
Mete Ersöz

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