News Center-TDO-09.07.2017- Ambassador of USA, John Bass, hosted a reception in his residence regarding 241st anniversary of American Independence.

Several respected guests from diverse occupation joined to the event. Turkish Minister of Education, Ismet Yılmaz, was among the participants.

The program started with opening speech of the Ambassador Bass. Bass pointed out the failed coup attempt on 15 July 2016 and said ‘’ Almost a year ago, Turkish citizens protected their democracy with great sacrifices against the illegal coup attempt. Also, the two nations lost many lives against terrorism in this period. For each of them, I want to present my deep condolences’’.

Moreover, Bass reminded a saying of Mevlana as ‘’ Pain can be changed into the flower garden of mercy’’ and highlighted the important and tiny lined between ‘’ justice and revenge’’. He repeated their support to Turkish government on their fight against terrorism.

Secondly, Yılmaz took the stage and referred Turkish government’s desire from US to help Turkish authorities to bring those who are responsible from the coup attempt again. Then, he underlined the importance of relations between US and Turkey and concluded his words as ‘’ Turkish-American friendship forever!’’.

The program continued with a mini concert of Group Hacettepe and treat of traditional meals. 

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