News Center -TDO- Ankara Rotary Club and Spouses of Heads of Missions- SHOM held a charity fashion show for children with diabetes.

In the fashion show held at the Erimtan Museum in Ankara, the spouses of foreign ambassadors modeled voluntarily. While the ambassador spouses, who introduced the autumn-winter collection designed by a famous fashionista, was highly acclaimed, they also laid stones at the mannequins. The proceeds from the fashion show will be used in the production of cartoons to raise awareness for children with diabetes.

Fashion fans who said they found the fashion show so beautiful also said that the ambassador's spouses walking on the catwalk was different and remarkable.

The fashion show, which was highly acclaimed by the guests, included the Dutch Ambassador Marjanne de Kwaasteniet, the Portuguese Ambassador Paula Da Silva, spouse of the Kazakhstan Ambassador Gulbanu Syrgabayeva, spouse of the Philippines Ambassador Ana Algabre Hernandez, spouse of the South Sudan Ambassador Amal El Zuber, spouse of the Moroccan Ambassador Nawal Bouche, spouse of the Paraguay Ambassador Celestina Diaz, spouse of the Brazilian Ambassador Diva Gradilone and spouse of the Slovenian Ambassador Victoria Seligo.

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