News Center -TDO- Hosted by Abzal Saperbekuly, Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Turkey, a press conference was held at the Embassy of Kazakhstan on the latest developments in the country.

Ambassador Saparbekuly said that what happened in the country was a terrorist attack. "What happened in cities like Almaty has nothing to do with peace. It was ideological sabotage. The most important threat here is what was done as planned," Ambassador said.

"Among the well-trained armed aggressors abroad, there are experts from radical Islamist groups in getting involved in hot spots. Unfortunately, Kazakhstan was not ready for such coordinated acts of violence. Attacks were carried out at 11 points. Checkpoints were seized in 9 regions," Ambassador continued.

"Although there were peaceful and socio-economic demands initially, these economic and political demands later turned into an uprising. No agreement was wanted to be reached. They aimed to overthrow the constitutional order by force. President Tokayev took office to restore order in the country. He ordered the launch of an anti-terrorist action to protect the life and property of Kazakhstan's citizens. To stabilize the situation in the country, President Tokayev had to resort to the Peace Corps. The main purpose of the Peace Corps, which came following collective agreements, was to protect important government institutions, military units and strategic centers such as power stations. They were not involved in the fight against terrorism," he added.

Stating that President Tokayev saw the events as a coup attempt, the Ambassador said, "There were simultaneous attacks. Particularly in Almata, on January 5, protesters seized places such as seven weapons stores and the national security office, and they acted in a single coordinated manner. There were situations of ideological sabotage among these terrorist groups. It was understood that there was great clarity in intelligence. Therefore, precautions were taken. In addition, reforms regarding socio-economic conditions will be made in Kazakhstan. So far, 16 of our soldiers have been martyred. Two of our soldiers killed by beheading also show that this is a terrorist attack. The death tolls are updated. In total, 8,000 people were arrested. Investigations continue."

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