Italian Ambassador to Turkey Massima Gaiani held her first meeting with Italian university lecturers in Turkey in VTK environment. This meeting, organized with the encouragement of the Italian Embassy in Ankara and in cooperation with other diplomatic/consular Italian representative offices in Turkey, was an opportunity to evaluate the numerous activities and collaborations between Italian and Turkish universities.

Among the highlights of the meeting were:

restarting of student exchange incentive activities (including those under the Erasmus project), which were abruptly halted due to the pandemic, in order to enable more Turkish and Italian students to share their experiences mutually and enrich their cultural savings;

Creation of an “inventory” of numerous ongoing collaboration projects at all levels, from student exchanges to more structured collaborations involving individual research projects, between Italian and Turkish universities;

Finally, Ambassador Gaiani talked on the numerous events that the Italian Embassy organizes every year together with all the ‘Italian system’ (Italian corporate network) actors active in Turkey, but with the active participation of the academic world, an even stronger added value and an indisputable capacity for influence can be achieved. Among them; Italian Language Week, Italian Design Days, Italian Cuisine Week in the world and all other initiatives supported by the embassy aimed at better recognizing the outstanding excellence of Italy by the Turkish people

The next goal is to turn this meeting, which we have organized into periodic meetings, as well as for the committee meeting of Italian businessmen in Turkey for the benefit of the entire Italian system in Turkey, in order to maintain a continuous point of contact and ensure operational results and achievements in accordance with the agreed action plan.

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