All events of modern life increase our stress levels.
Today’s mutually critical, judgmental and intolerant climate causes a lack of communication as well as much stress to our bodies and souls. Although our greatest wish might be to reduce the sources of stress, this does not happen easily in the complexity of life.
One way or relieving the stress we experience is to breathe correctly and naturally.
Our breath is our life energy, physical health, emotional and mental map, the connection with our soul.
Our breath is our key to life, the proof of our existence. We do not live if we do not breathe. Breathing is to important not to take seriously.
The most natural and correct way of breathing is that we do as a baby. Babies use full open diaphragm breathing, their bellies rise and fall as they breathe. As they grow up they begin to express their feelings through crying and at this point begin to hold their breath in. The periods of childhood and puberty go on the same way; we hold our breath in when we are scared, when we cry or when we are angry. At the subconscious level thoughts and feelings are directly related to the way we breathe. We try to be free of the thoughts and feelings we consciously or unconsciously repress and lose our ability to breathe naturally. Holding breath causes a lack of oxygen and emotional accumulation.
“Breathing therapy” is a technique of healing, transformation and purification by means of learning how to breathe naturally and correctly, to develop ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and of improving our lives in many ways.
Breathing therapy acts on three levels. At the first level it overcomes the limited breathing model based on habit through diaphragm breathing which allows us to breathe correctly and naturally and thereby to live a physically more energetic, lively and healthier lives. Diaphragm breathing develops the respiratory system and allows the body the take in as much oxygen it needs. We thus become more aware, develop a stronger immune system and get rid of bodily toxins more easily. As we get enough oxygen for all of our cells, the process of chronic tiredness and ageing gives way to vitality, renewal and rejuvenation. All unexpressed emotions and feelings, all negative energies appear as pain and illness in our bodies. According to Dr. Otto Warburg who received the Nobel Prize twice for his research “the primary cause of cancer is lack of oxygen”. Correct breathing keeps away cancer, chronic fatigue, asthma, allergies, pre-menstrual syndromes, headaches and migraine, coronary diseases, sleep issues, stomach problems and skin problems. By breathing correctly, it is possible to restore our health completely and to live a fuller life.
At the second level, breathing therapy cleanses negative records in the subconscious cell memory and allows us to be more cheerful, happy and content. Stress, which is the cause of man diseases disappears and our personal balance increases. Negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, guilt, regret and sorrow are cleansed. The person expresses themselves better and becomes more creative. It is very often observed that breathing therapy is effective in curing addictions, fears, anxiety, depression, panic attack and other illnesses caused by stress. When we breathe naturally and correctly, we experience love, happiness, content and trust more often.
At the final level of breathing therapy, we contact higher levels of consciousness and become calmer at the spiritual level. Our connection with our higher being rises. Our sense of unity rises and we feel whole. We begin to live our lives deeper and with greater spiritual awareness.
Our breath is our quality of life. As long as we use it correctly, So long as we use it correctly, we are more healthy and energetic, more loving and calm and live with greater enjoyment of the moment, happily and with greater quality. To deal with what life throws our way, we need to learn and implement correct breathing.  By Iþýl Gence

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