Serhat TUNAR -TDO- A total of 1.15 billion euros in aid was pledged at the international donors ' conference in Albania, which was also attended by Turkey, to heal the wounds of last November's earthquake.

The international donors ' conference was held in Brussels, hosted by the European Union Commission. The European Union countries and the European Union Commission have pledged about 400m euros in aid.

Speaking at the end of the conference, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama thanked those attending for the excessive amount of donations. 

Several countries participating in the conference, including the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and the Organization for Islamic Co-operation, both expressed their condolences to Albania and provided information on their support programmes.

Faruk Kaymakci, Deputy Foreign Minister and President of the European Union, represented Turkey at the conference, which was held with the participation of 124 countries and organizations.

Faruk Kaymakci, who said that the amount of Turkey's aid amounted to 512 thousand 920 euros, said that the financial value of the search-and-rescue efforts and other aid carried out by AFAD reached 864 thousand 424 euros.

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