Edgar Lungu, the Zambian President, has called in the air force to contain army worms in Zambian maize fields

Army worms are pests which can destroy entire fields and eat away all the vegetation.

Numerous provinces of the Southern African state have been affected widely and harshly. The president, over concerns of next year’s harvest, if the crops are affected too adversely, has ordered military planes to fly over the infected areas. Pesticides are being sprayed over these areas as a matter of urgency.

Maize, sorghum, cassava and rice fields, and crop production, have previously been adversely affected by army worms in Zambia.

Maize is very important in Zambia, because it is the staple food for people. A problem in maize production would therefore, cause problems for the population.

According to the official statement released by the Zambian government, the president has ordered the pesticides and chemicals purchased to also be distributed to all parts of the country and to farmers. Scared farmers have been reassured that they will soon receive the chemicals in order to protect their crops.

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