Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Sheikh of al-Azhar Institute, which is considered as one of the most important institutions of the Islamic World, al-Ahmad al-Tayyib said that polygamy is injustice for women.

According to Euronews, Ahmed et-Tayyib said that polygamy should not be accepted as a norm in Islam and that if the principle of equality stated in the Qur'an is not followed, it will be 'unfair'. These words of the Al-Azhar sheikh led to controversy in Egypt, while the Egyptian National Women's Council supported the statement.

As the discussions continued on social media, the Al-Azhar Institute had to make a statement. The institute said in a statement that sheik did not imply that polygamy is prohibited in Islam.

ShaykhTayyib then clarified his statements and said that there is a need for reform in subjects related to women. The Al-Azhar sheikh stated that women constitute an important part of the society and that not paying attention to them is like walking on one foot.

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