Due to recent terrorist attacks in France, the agenda is now shifted to the financial resources of Islamic instutions and clergy.
Minister of Interior Cazeneuve asserted that measures will be taken to analyze the patrons of Islamic culture which has been resided within the country since 20th century. To stop Islamic groups’ influence over public sphere, Cazeneuve confirmed that there will be new relations with the Islamic community and that external links for financial aids will be frozen.
After the declaration of state of emergency due to latest terrorist events, because of their alleged relations with the perpetuators of the attacks, around 20 mosques and masjids were closed by the parliament. In addition to that, more 80 people were deported because of similar reasons.
According to the July report of the Senate Commission for Investigation; Turkey (151), Algeria (120), and Morocco (30) sends out imams to France. 301 of 1700 imams in the country are afforded by foreign states.
Saudi Arabia had provided €4 million to build 8 mosques and pay the salary of 14 imams; Algeria also paid €2 million to contribute to the construction the Great Mosque of Paris in the district of Quarter Latin.
The commission highlighted in their report that the main purpose of this initiative is not to intervene in the financial support, but rather to stop radical messages to being spread in prayers session and locations.
However, it turned out to be that this radical discourse has been spreading through social media as well. French authorities are now seeking new measures to take the situation under control.
Mete Ersöz

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