Mustafa AY – TDO - 09.08.2017 US government prepared a detailed report about the matter of global climate, after refusing to sign Paris Climate Accord. According to the report, that 2 Co increase in atmospheric temperature has been scrutinized, since the beginning of the new century. This situation is considered to be stemming from emission of greenhouse gases and contaminating gases from industrial giants. In detail, “If essential precautions, starting with ceasing emission of toxic gases, to avert natural phenomenon are not immediately taken, extraordinarily colossal hurricanes and increasing heat-waves will be familiar to us.  Besides coral reefs will be artificially extinguished soon enough”, the report suggest the inevitable fact that a human-driven global natural catastrophe will gradually come in lives.

The report is also summarizing possible scenarios such as that increasing sea level will negatively affect many EU countries as well as East and South Eastern Coast of USA. Report is also focusing on the increasing sea level’s destructive impact on USA. Even today, USA is subject to experiencing some natural disasters like Katrina Hurricane. Katrina Hurricane is even today destructive enough to make US government announce state of emergency. In this case, the future version of Katrina Tornado seems to be unconceivable. Therefore, if such scenarios come to true, USA will most likely be challenged with unbearable economic and demographic damage.

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