İrem UZUN -TDO- According to preliminary results, Afghanistan’s incumbent president, Ashraf Ghani, won a slim majority of votes in September’s election. The Independent Election Commission (IEC) said the total turnout in the presidential election was more than 1.8 million with Ghani securing 50.64%, which is enough to win in the first round of voting. Ghani welcomed the result and said the country was on the right path towards prosperity and development.“With the announcement, we are moving now from darkness to light and from uncertainty to a bright future,” Ghani told a jubilant crowd gathered at the presidential palace in Kabul on Sunday.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Ghani's main rival, won 39.52% of the vote, but he has rejected the result and is expected to file an appeal before the final result is announced."We would like to make it clear once againthat our team will not accept the result of this fraudulent vote unless our legitimate demands are addressed," a statement from Abdullah's team said on Sunday.

Incumbent Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is lovingly called “Father Ghani” by his supporters, for his dream to rebuild the country.70-year old politician was born in Afghanistan's Logar province, earned his MA and PhD degrees at Columbia University in New York. He worked as a finance minister until December 2004 and he was declared as the new president of the country in 2014 elections. Ghani has repeatedly called on the Taliban to come to the negotiating table and also offered for the group to form a legitimate political party. But the Taliban has repeatedly refused to negotiate with the government and called it “the puppet of the U.S.”.

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