Hassam Hameed-TDO-26.02.2018- Afghanistan has seen a series of attacks against military personnel in recent weeks, which has had many soldiers killed. There was a military post been stormed by Taliban and then there was a suicide blast in kabul by IS. All comes as a response to recent US strategy of open-ended conflict.

In western province of Farah around 22 soldiers were killed because of an attack by Taliban on a military post. Military said that in this attack on their base, Taliban incurred lot of casualties. Three security personnel also died in a suicide blast orchestrated by IS in Kabul. Suicide attack happened in the area which has important diplomatic buildings.

This is a response to US new aggressive strategy which is focused on “killing terrorists”. Still large swath of area is under the control of Taliban. IS has also been achieving some footing in Afghanistan but still their scope of conducting an impactful attack is limited. 

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