Aslıhan DOĞRU -TDO- As a result of the agreement reached between the United States and the Taliban, 100 more Taliban members held in Afghanistan's Bagram Prison have been released.

Afghanistan's National Security Counsil Spokesman Javid Faisal told in a statement that the number of people released from prison was 300.

Faisal said those named on the list of prisoner swaps offered to them by the Taliban were released according to their age, health status and crimes, respectively.

Faisal noted that members of the organization have been passed through the identity scanning system and that their commitments have been taken to fight again.

This week, the first and second Taliban group of 100 people was released.

On the other hand, The Taliban said 20 people who were in their hands as part of the deal would be released today.

In a statement, the 20 people in question will be handed over to the Committee of the Red Cross in Kandahar province, said.

The agreement, which stated that prisoner swaps will be made between the United States and the Taliban, will ensure that the Taliban’s released members do not pose a threat to the United States and its allies.

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