Selin ATAY-TDO- The adhan, which was expected to be read from the speaker for the first time in the Dutch capital Amsterdam, was blocked by cutting the cable to the speaker. In the Blauwe Moskee, where mostly Moroccans go, the call to prayer for Friday prayers could not be read over the loudspeaker as the cable on the roof was cut by unidentified people.

The Blauwe Moskee is the first mosque in Amsterdam to boost its call to prayer. The Amsterdam city council was critical about the idea, and Mayor Femke Halsema called enhancing the Adhan unnecessary and outdated. But they had to acknowledge that this falls under religious freedom - the same as Christian churches are allowed to ring their bells on Sundays. 

Nourdeen Wildeman, the mosque's press spokesman, said the cable had been cut on purpose, adding: "We checked the sound system last night and experimented with it so as not to have any trouble at Friday prayers today. The cable must have been cut last night or morning” he said.

Wildeman stated that the public and the press were waiting in front of the mosque for the adhan, and said they were sorry for the postponement.

"This situation is different," Wildeman said, pointing out that there have been many Islamophobic attacks against mosques in the country in recent years. We want to see it as just a cable cut, without making a big deal of it. Our priority is to fix the cable and try again at Friday prayers next week., "he said.

"The call to prayer should be a normal thing in Amsterdam, but sadly, the call of ‘Allahu Akbar’ has negative connotations in the minds of many Europeans," the chief imam of the mosque, Yassin al-Furqani, told local press. "We want to make (Allahu Akbar) a normative term. We aim to show people that Allah is very beautiful, and normalize Islam here." 

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