Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Iran's Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, recently stood behind a petrol hike in the country, claiming that the demonstrations that began were supported by opponents of the revolution and enemies of Iran.

"Some may be concerned about this decision, but sabotage and arson are not being carried out by our people, but by hooligans," state television quoted Khamenei as saying. Opponents of the revolution and enemies of Iran have supported such acts of destruction and disrupting security," the statement said.

The Iranian leader, who recalled that there were people killed in the demonstrations and that some of the public property was damaged, suggested that the family of the former shah of Iran and the people's Mujahideen Organization supported and encouraged these actions.

Khamenei also made it clear that oil has been increased by consulting with experts and that they will not back down. He also explained that he had instructed authorities not to raise other products.

40 people were detained in the city of Yazd, in the central part of the country, during demonstrations that continued on Sunday (yesterday). Mohammad Hadadzadeh, a Yazd prosecutor, argued that the captured demonstrators had come from other areas and tried to provoke peaceful demonstrations in the city, damaging the environment.

Another of the issues raised during the actions was the internet outages across the country. In its latest report, Net Blocks, which examines access restrictions, said there had been a huge drop in the number of people connecting to the Internet from Iran. According to the report, by the evening of November 16, the number of internet users from Iran had decreased by 93 percent.

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