Tensions continue on the Ankara-Brussels axis. Despite calls by the two countries’ leaders for joint action against terrorism following blasts in Ankara, Istanbul and Brussels, campaigns against Turkey under the name of freedom of expression and democratic principles continue unabated in Belgium.One of the foremost among such campaigns is the “Genocide Exhibition” which will coincide with the national Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Turkey.the aim of the exhibition, which will take place in the touristic Huy Castle in eastern Belgium and stay open for visitors for over a month from April 22nd onwards is said to be the commemoration of Armenians who were allegedly willingly massacred by the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1916.Turks living in Belgium have so far kept silent in the face of this “sweet” spring present. It remains to be seen how many Turks will visit the exhibition organised by David Susskind Social Centre, which will be open until May 30th. Numbering 200,000 within the total population of 11 million, Turks are the third largest ethnic minority in Belgium.News Centre

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