If one jogs one’s memory, one may remember that in mid-December 2015, a ransom incident had found its way into international news. 26 people who were taking part in a hunting party along Saudi Arabia’s Iraqi border were abducted, of whom nine were members of Qatar’s royal family.Immediately after the incident Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah Ben Nasser Ben Khalifa Al-Thani and Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar El Abadi had begun intensive work. Although not much progress seems to have been made over the five months that have passed since, recently one of the Qataris and his servant were freed and returned home.No statement has been issued regarding who the returning Qatari was, the fate of other abductees and most importantly who was it that took the 26 people captive. Nevertheless, Qatar has embraced the hero who has managed to escape five months of captivity.
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