In Mesopotamia where has thousands years of history and a deep-rooted tradition one of the most important powers is Iran. By all means, a different country has been located in the lands where this great power has been possessed from time to time and dreamed of since the 1930s: Iraq…After defeated the Ottoman Empire, The Great Britain had been controlled the lands of Iraq, but Iraq has been like a heritage which Iran never gives up. Baghdad repeatedly changed hands between Ottoman Turks and Iranian Turks and it eventually stayed as the capital of a newly established state. Iran and Iraq had been fight for frivolous reasons for ten years and not gone beyond the harm to each other. After the reconciliation of two countries, Iraq threw himself into a new adventure without losing time. As a result, new countries have been began to grow on hot sands of Mesopotamia.
1989 attack on the invasion of Kuwait gave way to defeat of Iraq as well. Today in Iraq, there are two unofficial Kurdish states and internationally recognized terrorist organizations.But besides all these, there is a new country in the line from Tehran to Damascus, which still does not have a name, whereas the capital of this new country already determined: Iranq...Neither regional nor Kurdish entities make a stand against the rhetoric of the Iranian authorities: ‘Our capital is Baghdad’. Since the Iranian and Syrian Kurds do not want to share the same fate with PJAK, Iranian branch of the PKK – PYD, they do not stand up the activities of Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Guards or the Iranian government elements in the region.Despite the official insensitivity of Iraq, Saudi Arabia as another powerful force in the region does not stay silent in the face of constantly accelerating mobility of Iraq. In the recent past, crisis of the diplomatic representation between Saudi Arabia and Iran has been faced and now it is experienced with Iraq. Hence, Iraq has requested from Saudi Arabia to change its ambassador in Baghdad as a result of Saudi Arabia' ambassador to Baghdad Samir El Sebhan’s harsh statements about Tehran and Baghdad administration. Right after that, in the Saudi press, news took place about Samir El Sebhan was to be killed by Ebu Fazýl El Abbas from Iranian Shiite militia forcesWhile Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced that the news which took place in the press, have an intention to harm the relationship between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the statement which made by the Saudi ambassador El Sebha about the names of people in the assassination, was moved tension to a higher stage.As a result, it can be easily seen that as a new tension, Saudi Arabia' politics of active region is directed toward Iraq after Iran. Despite the statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reduce tension in the country, the statements carried by the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia estimates that the result will be returning of the ambassador to Saudi Arabia.Most importantly, it is needed to understand the regional foreign policy which is actively conducted by Saudi Arabia in Iraq, will encounter serious problems in Iraq as well. Although they have been called by different names as Iraq and Iran in particular, they act as a single country in order to determinate politics in the Mesopotamia. Therefore, next to changing borders and crumbling states, a new country has been emerging by arising from the ashes and the name of this new country is: Iranq…How this state will be referred in international arena in the future has not been assigned yet! However, we need to be ready in advance for a huge county so-called Persian Islamic Republic as a harmony of Islamic democracy (!) and the Arab Republic.
By Ýlker Yýlmaz

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