İlknur Şebnem Öztemel- TDO-A nationwide strike called ‘’ A Day without Immigrants’’,highlighting the contributions of immigrants, happened in US, yesterday. Legal and undocumented immigrants were called to skip work, school, dining out and refrain from shopping.

The movement spread mostly online without the help of national organizing groups and is a direct response to President Trump’s suspended ban on immigrants coming from seven Muslim countries and his call to build a wall on US-Mexico border.

Several shops, restaurants, cafes were closed to show their support for the movement. For instance; more than 250 businesses were closed in North Carolina and above 100 in Michigan.

Even some celebrities and successful business leaders were joined to the strike. In Chicago, celebrity chef Rick Bayless closed four of his restaurants out of respect to his staff. Additionally, the restaurant and market place Eataly, wrote on its official Twitter page as "We are an immigrant company & support any employees participating in the strike".

It is significant to remind that this is a man made event that no institution lead. Manuel Castro, executive director of the New Immigrant Community Empowerment, told The New York Times that “It’s like the Arab Spring”.

It seems some Americans are aware of their country’s structure as being established by immigrants.  

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