News Center -TDO- PTT AŞ the Embassy of India jointly organized acommemorative stamppresentation and exhibition event with the theme of “150th Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi” at Ankara Stamp Museum. 

Deputy General Manager Yusuf Canbolat, ambassadors of Brazil and Vietnam and other guests attended to the event.

In his opening speech, Deputy General Manager of PTT Yusuf Canbolat stated that as PTT, they have printed a commemorative stamp to make world values valuable and permanent in the future. "Today, we will also sign a commemorative stamp, which we have issued today for the 150th anniversary of Gandhi's birth," Canbolat said.

Canbolat explained that Gandhi, the greatest representative of the passive resistance in the world, whose basic philosophy is to stay away from violence, to devote to society, to seek strong soul and truth and said "Gandhi fulfills the necessity of being human. the goal is to bring together the bond of love in the international arena.”

Canbolat also stated "Gandhi's nonviolence lies at the heart of love for God and man. We, as PTT, are issuing a commemorative stamp to ensure that world values are precious and permanent in the future. Today, we will sign the commemorative stamp, which was issued for the 150th anniversary of Gandhi's birth. Then I wish the exhibition to be opened on behalf of Gandhi, who stated that love is the greatest power.”

India’s Ambassador to Turkey Sanjay Bhattacharyya also made a speech and said that the opening of the Philatelic exhibition in Turkey is a special momentand stated "Gandhi, who was born in India but is a citizen of the world, was subjected to racism and oppression, but favored a tolerance and peaceful civil obedience. He has always chosen nonviolence against the frequent offensive by the colonial powers. He is the ambassador of peace, and today his birthday is celebrated as the International Day of Nonviolence. Gandhi did not visit Turkey and the Turkish people but never had a deep love of the land. That is why we are organizing this exhibition today. In fact, a sort of Gandhi, has not visited Turkey."

Bhattacharyya said that it was a noble move to print stamps by Gandhi on behalf of Gandhi on September 24, and therefore expressed his gratitude.

Bhattacharyya stated that at the event at the United Nations (UN) on 2 October, an exhibition of stamps printed on Gandhi's behalf was held in more than 75 countries from different parts of the World and told, "I am grateful to the PTT for printing a commemorative stamp in Gandhi's name on his 150th anniversary.”

After the speeches, Canbolat, Bhattacharyya and ambassadors signed the commemorative stamp and the exhibition was inaugurated.

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