Selin ATAY-TDO- The Feeling Bar, based in Rome, Italy's capital, has banned mention of coronavirus for months on the grounds that talking almost exclusively about the Coronavirus outbreak has created a tense atmosphere.

A banner reading "No Talking About Coronavirus" was hung on the counter of the bar by the bar's operators. Other than coronavirus, “banned" topics include "possible scenarios, prophecies about new decrees, and virology."

Bar operators offered suggestions on different topics to inspire customers to open conversations. On another banner that hung except for prohibited topics, permitted discussion topics were listed with examples: one is spying on us-topics such as who will win the celebrity contest, gossip, history, general culture.

With the coronavirus ban, feeling Bar operators have received attention in both national and international media. Speaking to the Italian press, bar owner Cristina Mattioli described the attempt to ban the coronavirus by saying: "it all started as half a joke. We wanted to invite people to talk about something other than coronavirus, deaths, increased cases."

Cristina Mattioli explained that her clients ' demoralization increased, especially with the end of the summer months. Mattioli said: "the atmosphere had become heavy. So we came up with this idea to push customers to talk about other things," he said. Mattioli noted that his customers were happy to "at least have a positive 10 minutes on the coffee break."

The Bar owner also stressed that their goal is not to underestimate the epidemic, but to comply with all necessary health measures. Mattioli also said," We all need to lighten up a little bit without breaking the rules, at least during the coffee break."

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