Mustafa AY – TDO – 10.04.2018 In the aftermath of 9/11 attack in New York, former President of USA - G.W. Bush - gave ultimatum to its allies in the senate in order to draw support and to legitimize the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. On Monday, US Envoy to UN Harley stated the alike statement for Syrian case. Harley uttered “USA will act against Syria’s Assad regime ‘with or without you’.” Harley said that Assad regime executed the chemical weapons against the babies, children, elderlies and others. USA will not remain indifferent to the events. So, Syria will pay for the atrocities that they’ve done against his own people.”

Russian envoy to UN – Vassily Nebenzia – defended that Syria has nothing to do with the usage of chemical weapons against civilians an even opposition groups in Douma. Nebenzia said that this sort of unfounded claims come from western NGOs like ‘White Helmet’ and opposition group named ‘Jaysh- al Islam’. This sort of speculative fake news misleads the societies and readers, said Nebenzia. At the beginning and final of the meeting, Nebenzia gave mutual response to Haley’s ultimatum with these remarks “that US army commences illegal military operation against Assad Regime would have grave consequences.

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