67°49’ 32” NORTH


News Center -TDO-Canada’s Ambassador to Turkey Christopher John Cooter and his spouseKaren Blumenschein hosted a opening ceremony for an exhibition includes photographs and the 67 ° 49 ’ 32” NORTH documentary, produced by TRT and shot in the northern arctic region of Canada.

Ambassador Christopher John Cooter and his spouse Karen Blumenschein, Mathieu Dumond, director of the documentary Ece Soydam and many other guests attended to the ceremony.

Ambassador Cooter, in his speech, said that the documentary project started 1 year ago and everything started when a team from TRT went to Nunavut in northern Canada.

Ambassador Cooter said that Nunavut is one of the three largest regions in the north of Canada and Inuit of the country's indigenous people living in that region.

"We are proud to contribute to this documentary because it touches upon the protection of the great north and respect for the indigenous people," Mr. Ambassador said.

Cooter thanked the director of the project, Ece Soydam and the TRT team and said "I am very happy to watch the 67 ° 49’ 32 ”NORTH” documentary with you.”

The 67 ° 49 ’32” NORTH documentary, produced by TRT and shot in the northern arctic region of Canada, takes place in Kugluktuk, where a large part of its population is composed of indigenous Inuit. Mathieu Dumond, a French citizen, has been living with his wife and 5-year-old son in this town, which he calls “home” for 17 years. He works as a wildlife biologist on one of the most challenging areas in the world, and also shoots large wild areas and wild animals. Mathieu's story is not only about one person, but one of the world's most important geographies with its threatened natural life and culture.

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