İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-It is the 52th death anniversary of Malcom X who was a famous figure of anti-racism movements in USA.He was mentioned by his followers and lovers in New York.

Malcolm X (Originally Malcolm Little-later Hajj Malik Al Sahabazz) was born in Omaha, on 19 May 1925. His dad was murdered when he was six following; her mother lost her mental health. He was raised by his foster-parents. He was imprisoned when he was 20 because of burgling. During his prison years, he joined to Islamic Ummah Organization and converted to Islam. After his release from the prison, he worked as deputy preacher and contributed to the construction of mosques all over the country. As a part of Islamic approach, he believed on equality and justice and became an important figure of anti-racism movements. However, in 1964, he decided to leave the Islamic Ummah Organization which he thought to have very strict understanding of Afroamerican-American relations.  After this, he founded Muslim Mosque and Afro-American Union Organization that supports pan-Africanism. He was assassinated by his former colleagues from the Islamic Ummah Organization on February 21, 1965.  He was married with Betty Shaabaz and have six daughters named Attallah, Qubilah, Ilyasa, Gamilah Lumumba, Malikah and Malak Shabazz.

Each figure of history is valuable whether you like him/her or not. Each of these figures added something to the civilization and passed their experiences to history. Malcolm X was one of them and he has an influential quote as ‘’ Future is owned by the one who has already started working for it’’. Another one is; ‘’ White man warred, black man died’’. We should not forget anyone and try to learn something from each man.

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