Selin ATAY-TDO- 5 European Union (EU) member states have asked the EU to invest more to develop a solution to the vaccine supply problem they are experiencing in the fight against the novel type of coronavirus (CCovid-19) and strengthen vaccine production. The letter, signed by the prime ministers of Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania and Poland, was sent to European Council President Charles Michel and other EU leaders ahead of the EU leaders ' summit, which is scheduled to be held online on February 25-26.

According to Spanish media reports, "Should be worked closely with all potential Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers in Europe. We must conduct public-private partnerships to increase R & D efforts and increase supply capacities. We must be willing to clearly examine possible ways and funding needs to facilitate these efforts," the letter said. The letter stressed that the promised targets for the use of Covid-19 vaccine are not a "lost war" and said:  "this is a strategic issue that concerns all of us. There is no time to lose in the need for a change of heart caused by efforts to solve the problem of vaccine supply."

At the two-day summit, the leaders of EU member states will discuss what the EU and member states can do to increase vaccine production, update vaccines to be effective against mutations, accelerate the approval process and distribution of vaccines, and ensure that companies that develop and produce vaccines that enter into contracts with the EU meet their commitments.

EU countries that began the Covid-19 vaccination in December 2020 are far behind what they have so far targeted, and face problems in terms of supply, as well as logistics and personnel. The EU, which has received 40.7 million of the 106 million doses of the vaccine it expects to receive in the first quarter of the year, has turned its attention to vaccine production, which is limited to 16 factories located in the EU due to delays in vaccine delivery.

Contracts were signed between the European Union and 6 companies to buy about 2.3 billion doses of the vaccine.

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