İrem GÖL -TDO- According to the reports provided by the state media, two people have died, and 22 others were injured following a magnitude of 5.1 earthquake that git northern Iran on Friday. According to the United States Geological Survey, the centre of the earthquake was at Damavand, northeast of capital Tehran. There were several aftershocks, but no severe damage reported from the struck on the neighbouring provinces of Tehran and Mazandaran.

Officials said the dead were a 21-year-old woman in Tehran who suffered heart failure and a 60-year-old man in the city of Damavand killed by a head injury. The residents told Al Jazeera that the earthquake felt very strong.

Many people in the capital Tehran left their homes with the fear of possible aftershocks. Officials warned people who spent the night outdoors to abide by the social distancing rules to contain the spread of the coronavirus which killed almost 6500 and infected more than 103.000 people.

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