Consulate General Of Bangladesh In Istanbul – 26th of March, The 49th  anniversary of Bangladesh's independence and National Day Anniversary. Bangladesh got its rightful place on the world map in 1971 as an independent and sovereign nation under the charismatic, audacious and visionary leadership of the nation's ancestor, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“We embrace the determination to leave Bangladesh as a safe and peaceful home for future generations, " Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in a special message to date. This principle should be our top priority today in Independence.”

On this blessed day, Consul General Mohammad Munirul Islam said: "Today, 26th of March, is the independence and National Day of Bangladesh. This year is the 100th anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mucibur Rahman, the architect of independent and sovereign Bangladesh. It also gained prominence due to the fact that it was his year of birth. The celebrations in Istanbul will not only provide an understanding of the glorious life and works of the great leader, but will also take Bangladesh-Turkey relations to a new level. I hope that on this Independence Day, which is very important for Bangladesh, the bonds of friendship between Turkey and Bangladesh based on historical, cultural and religious intimacy will expand and strengthen."

Turkish academics and media members who visited Bangladesh recently celebrated this important day of Bangladesh and the people of Bangladesh and expressed their loving feelings about Bangladesh and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Jalal Torak, President of the Association of Economic Journalists and director of economic news of TGRT, said in his message: “The founder of Bangladesh with National Independence Day, his ancestor Mujibur Rahman. It is very meaningful for the birth guru to come across the same period and be commemorated together this year. For both developments, I extend my love to our dear friends and the people of Bangladesh. I want to say something you may not believe, but I know Mujibur Rahman from the 1970s. I was born in a city in the Black Sea region of Turkey. In those years, a very advanced elder would tell me about Mujibur Rahman, his philosophy of goodness. When I was a child I would listen to him with attention. I mean, I know Mujibur Rahman when I was a kid in the 1970s. I want to underline how important his philosophy of good for all is in the world today. At this point I wish that the philosophy of Mujibur Rahman and people who think like him would dominate the world.”

Nazmi Agil, a poet who was a lecturer at Koç University, said: “Dear brothers, I congratulate you on your Independence Day and thank Bangabandhu for creating this great nation. I'm one of the lucky people who gets the chance to visit your country, where I admire its people and its natural beauty. Please accept my warmest greetings from Istanbul.”

The World newspaper columnist, the Turkish Journalists Association, Ahmet Coşkun Aydın Journalists Association and a member of the economic advisory board member shared with us the feelings of these words are: “Hello, today we are celebrating the anniversary of the Independence Day of Bangladesh friendly and brotherly country. Bangladesh, which declared its independence by giving 3 million martyrs as a result of the great struggles, has reached today by giving many martyrs against imperialism. He was the head of state of the country from 1971 to 1972, when the country's ancestor, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, called the people of Bangladesh, was the country's ancestor or friend of the people. The people of Bangladesh, following Atatürk's “peace at home, peace in the World” direction, are now attracting attention as a people who have adapted to establish good relations with the whole world and to get along well with everyone. We can never forget the contributions he made to the Turkish people during the war of independence and he celebrates the independence of the people of Bangladesh, a friend and sister country. I sincerely wish him to live this holiday for many centuries. The people of Bangladesh, a friend and brother country, have sadly lost millions of people to reach this day, and I wish for mercy among our martyrs who have given their lives for the independence of their country. Long Live Bangladesh."

Bangladesh experienced tremendous growth and visible improvements in the socio-economic sector under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The relations of the two sister countries, Turkey and Bangladesh, continue to grow in areas where common interests exist.

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