News Center -TDO-A reception was held in Ankara CER Modern for the 30th anniversary of the "Baltic Way" hosted by the Embassies of the Baltic States.

Latvia’s Ambassador to Turkey Peteris Karlis Elferts, Lithuania Ambassador to Turkey Audrius Bruzga, Estonian Charge d'Affaires in Turkey Indrek Erikson, foreign mission representatives and other guests attended to the reception.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Elferts said that 30 years ago the Baltic countries were inspired by hope, freedom and independence.

Ambassador Elferts stated that the Baltic countries are eager to return to the independent European family and said "But hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers have invaded our countries and blocked our roads. Citizens could not take weapons in their hands. The Baltic people chose passive resistance and civil disobedience."

Ambassador Elferts said that in 1989 approximately 2 million people from the Baltic countries Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia took the 600 kilometers of human chain and took an important step towards the independence of their country and added “Beware, all this was done without the Internet and cell phones. He recalled that this historic act coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribentroff Agreement (German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact), in which the Baltic States were attached to the Soviet Union in 1939.

Elferts points out that Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are free countries in two years following the action of citizens in the Baltic countries controlled by the USSR and told“We stood up against the Hitler-Stalin Pact for freedom and the occupation of the Soviet Union and broke the chains of oppression. The Baltic Way - the human chain created for the joint freedom efforts of the three countries, was recorded in 2009 as a World Memory on UNESCO's International List.

After the speech, the documentary "Freedom of the Baltic Way" was screened.

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