Serhat TUNAR – TDO- “ISTANBUL INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL” is the longest running and most experienced organization among the international short film festivals in Turkey.

Short film is a medium based on making best of limited time within the frame of cinema art and gives the directors the opportunity of expressing their talents in the most unique way. The In this perspective the Festival aims to support short film and to provide young filmmakers to present their work both on national and international platforms.

The Festival had been started by a group of young enthusiasts on national level and showcased only films produced in Turkey. In years it has attracted a big interest and became an international organization in 1988.

As an un-interrupted organization of 40 years, the Festival is a unique example of its kind.

The Festival is organized each November and through its one-week-course around 200 distinguished short films from Turkey and the world are screened to film lovers. Experienced filmmakers, professionals share their experiences through Q&A's and workshops.

These films will be screened in Istanbul from 2018 December 14 to 21.

You can reach the programme on festival’s official website http://www.istanbulfilmfestival.com/homeenglish.html

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