News Centre – TDO- Japanese Ambassador to Turkey Akio Miyajima has hosted the 27th Ankara Japanese Speaking Contest held at the Turkish-Japanese Foundation Cultural Centre on November 18th 2018. 

The event was attended by Japanese Ambassador Akio Miyajima, as well as Prof. Dr. C. Tayyar Sadıklar, President of the Executive Board of the Ankara Japanese Speaking Contest, in addition to many guests.

Delivering an opening address Ambassador Miyajima said: “Do you know about Japanese proverbs?

Ichigo ichie which means ‘once in a lifetime’, is a saying by Sen no Rikyuu, who spread the tea ceremony among the commanders of feudal states who were fighting each other in the 16th century.

“It is an expression that denotes the idea that every tea ceremony will be once in a lifetime opportunity, never to be repeated and that both the host and the guest should make sincere efforts.

“Today it has come to mean a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Another saying kouki means ‘opportunity’ and issubekarazu means 'not to miss', meaning not to miss an opportunity that comes along by good fortune.  It is akin to ‘strike the iron when it’s hot’ or ‘now or never’ in English.

“As many of you know, there is significant cooperation between Turkey and Japan in the field of the economy, science, technology and disaster prevention. The visits I carried out too many cities in Turkey were 'opportunities of a lifetime’ for me. Meeting many people led me to think about future opportunities for cooperation between the two countries. Based on the saying 'do not miss an opportunity’, I think that once a good opportunity comes along, it should be evaluated with an eye to the future and should not be missed.

“Many people applied for this contest and those of you who passed the preliminary assessment are now here, you have prepared, you have studied Japanese and you have earned the right to take to this state.

“Today is the ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ and you should ‘not miss this opportunity’.

“As I end my speech, I wish all the contestants success.

“Thank you.  Good luck.”

The Japanese speaking contest was held for beginners (Group A) and upper-intermediates (Group B). This year a total of 16 contestants participated, eight in Group A and eight in Group B.

In Group A Taha Korkmaz came in first place, Serra Nur Güllü second and Buse Baysal third.

In Group B Berkay Doğan came in first place, Hilal Öndoğan second and Halenur Kurun third.

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