News Center -TDO-Talat Pasha Committee initiated a commemoration of the April 21st genocide commemoration day against the Armenian genocide allegations.

Talat Pasha Committee Chairman retired Major General Ali Erdinç, who made a statement on the subject, said that the genocide was applied against the Turkish community that started on 15 April 1915. Erdinç said that April 21 should be declared as the genocide commemoration day. Talat Pasha Committee known for its fight against the allegations campaign against Turkey, launched a signature campaign. In the statement, 21 April was declared as the commemoration day of the genocide against the Turkish nation.

Talat Pasha Committee Chairman Retired Major General Ali Erdinç asked citizens and government officials to support the campaign.

After the statement, the petition of the campaign was written and the first signatures were taken.

Talat Pasha Committee, Retired Officers Association of Turkey, ANKA Institute, the Republican Women's Association, former ministers and MPs supported the signature campaign.

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