Researchers from the University of Gothenburg and the University of Bournemouth discovered a 2,500-year-old city, in Vlochos village where is approximately 300 km North of Athens. While some of the ruins were already known, they had been dismissed as part of an irrelevant settlement on a hill.  The team found the remains of towers, walls and city gates on the summit and slopes of the hill. 

The leader of the team, Robin Ronnlund, said he came across the site and realised the great potential while he was there with a colleague for another project. Ronnlund said it seems city was flourished from the fourth to the third century BC, probably before Roman conquest of the area. In recent researches, they have found an ancient pottery and coins which date back to around 500 BC. It has been announced that, for further researches, scholars will use ground-penetrating radar method instead of excavation to leave the hill as they’ve found it. The second field project is planned for August next year

Ronnlund added “Our project therefore fills an important gap in the knowledge about the area and shows that a lot remains to be discovered in the Greek soil.’

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