News Center -TDO-Costa Rica’s Ambassador to Turkey Gustavo Campos Fallas hosted a reception at Ankara HiltonSA Hotel in consequence of 198th Independence Day of Costa Rica.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Yavuz Selim Kıran, General Director of Bilateral Political Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Süleyman İnan Özyıldız foreign mission chiefs, academicians, bureaucrats and other guests attended to the reception.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Gustavo Campos Fallas said he was happy to be together because of the 198th anniversary of Costa Rica's independence andthe relations between the two countries were built in 1950 and new doors were opened in 2014 for the future of mutual embassies and bilateral relations. 

Ambassador Fallas noted that diplomatic missions also promoted investment potentials for the development of bilateral economic relations and said“The long-term added value in Turkey and Costa Rica forward we expect to increase their investment high. Location and share many common interests in Costa Rica and Turkey versatile level."

Deputy Minister Kıran, in his speech here, celebrated the independence of Costa Rica and stated, "Celebrating the 198th day of independence is an honor and important milestone that many countries do not have.”

“There may be physical long distances between our countries, but friendship among our peoples has always been warm to each other," Deputy Minister Kıran added.

Kıran also said that in 2020 celebrated the 70th anniversary of relations with Turkey and Costa Rica and added "The opening of mutual embassies was an important milestone in this sense and the meaninglessness of physical distances was once again riveted. Strong interaction between countries and peoples continues on international platforms. We support Costa Rica's membership in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Likewise, Costa Rica, Turkey, the Central American Integration Organization (SICA) as well as with regional organizations such as the integration efforts are pleased to support.”

Deputy Minister Kıran also said, “We believe there are much greater opportunities. We act in a way that encourages the mutual opening of the doors to the investors of the two countries. Our cooperation with Costa Rica, where we share a common political and economic vision, will continue to advance in a wide range of fields from trade to education, from culture to science."

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