News Center -TDO-Italia’s Ambassador to Turkey Massimo Gaiani hosted a cocktail in consequence of “15th Contemporary Art Days”.

As part of the activities organized for” Contemporary Art Days – Contemporary Italian Art", an Artist Guest program for young Italian artists was organized in Turkey under the cooperation of the Italian Embassy, Güler Art Gallery and Art Director Kemal Orta.

Ambassador Gaiani introduced the Italian young painters Federica Cogo, Marilu Gioffre, Flavia Tritto, Dione Roach and Nicola Guastamacchia to the press.

Ambassador Massimo Gaiani said in his opening speech that the project was carried out with the aim of bringing together young Italian artists with Turkish artists through the exchange of culture between the two countries.

Pointing out that the language of culture is universal, Ambassador Gaiani said: "We leave the word to culture and art."

Ambassador Gaiani thanked Italian painters and members of the press.

Kemal Orta, the artistic director of the exhibition, said that the artists reflected their experiences in Turkey on the canvas with their own understanding of art.

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